About us

Welcome to Axmouth Village Show

The Village Show is run by a group of volunteers from the local area, and each year we aim to put on a great event and at the same time raise funds for local organisations. The committee plans each year to make the most of the wonderful venue at Combe Field and aims to provide an excellent exhibition of local produce, flowers, crafts and creativity alongside a range of stall, activities and fun. 



Michael Loveridge


Mr. D. Squire, Mrs M Steven,
Mr. & Mrs. P. English,


Chairman: Penny Sweetland

Secretary: Sam Miller

Marquee Coordinators: Sandra Millman,Georgia Gabb

Treasurer: Vicki Spencer-Thomas

Press Coordinator: vacant

Stall Coordinator: Pat Lenn & Rose Tidball

Groundsman: Dave Somers

Tea Coordinator: Hazel Webb, Chris Garrett

Blue Cards & raffle : Barbara Down

Photographers: Ellen Hall, Morag Steven

2018 Judges

Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers    Derek Hurford

Cakes, Jams and Pickles    Ann Vaughan

Floral Arrangements    Janet Lee

Children’s Section    Kerry-Ann Briggs                

Crafts    Kerry Keyy-Ann Briggs

Photography    Aidan Winder    

Fun Dog Competition     Joan Salter      

Wildlife Garden    

Front and Children’s Vegetable Garden    Mike Calvert

Childrens Handwriting    John Crowe