Schedule and Guidance

This schedule was updated on the 12th June 2019



1	Collection of 5 kinds of vegetables as in classes 2-35.

2	Carrots, long pointed 3

3	Carrots, other than long 3.

4	Potatoes, white, kidney, 5.

5	Potatoes, white, round, 5.

6	Potatoes, coloured, kidney, 5.

7	Potatoes, coloured, round, 5.

8	Potatoes, any other type, 5.

9	Garlic, 3.

10	Broad beans, 6

11	Runner beans, 6

12	Dwarf beans, 6

13	Beetroot, 3.

14	Shallots, hybrid, 9

15	Shallots, pickling, 9 (Not to exceed 30mm diameter)  

16	Onions, untrimmed, 3

17	Onions, sets, trimmed and bound, 3

18	Marrows, should not exceed 38cm (15in), 2.

19	Cabbage, 1.

20	Leeks, 3

21	Courgettes, should be between 10cm and 20cm (4in - 8in), 3

22      Peas, 6 pods.	

23	Parsnips, 3

24	Tomatoes, red, 5. (Calyx attached) not including cherry

25	Tomatoes, cherry, on a vine. (Not to exceed 35mm diameter)

26	Cucumbers, frame, 2.

27	Cucumbers, ridge, 2.

28	Lettuce, 1

29	Radish, round red 5.

30	Spring/Salad Onions, 5.

31	Peppers, hot (chilli) or sweet, any colour 2

32	Collection of 4 kinds of salad vegetables  

33	Herb collection - must be named

34	Any vegetable not listed in the classes above - must be named 

35	Longest Runner Bean


NB: Please check number of specimens required in each class.



45 	Gooseberries, 10

46	Blackcurrants, 5 strings.

47	Raspberries with stems, 10.

48	Rhubarb, 3 sticks, without foliage.

49	Any other fruit, (To be named)

50      Redcurrants, 5 strings.

51	H. T. Rose, 3 blooms in a vase.

52	Rose, specimen in a container, own foliage only.

53	Floribunda roses, 1 stem or spray in a container.

54	Dahlias, 3, in a vase, decorative, small or medium.

55	Dahlias, 3, in a vase, decorative, large.

56	Dahlias, 3, in a vase, cactus, small or medium. 

57	Dahlias, 3, in a vase, cactus

58	Dahlias, 3, in a vase, pompon. (up to 52mm)

59      Dahlias, 3, in a vase, pompon, large (53mm or over)

60	Hydrangeas, 3.

61	Sweet Peas, 10.  

62	Marigolds, 5.

63	Asters,  3.

64	Pansies, 5.

65	Vase of flowers, one variety, not exceeding 12 blooms (To be named)

66      Vase of mixed flowers.

67	Gladioli, 3.

68      Gladioli, 1

69	Lilies, one pot

70	Zinnia, 3 

71	Hanging Basket

72	Patio Container

73	Largest Sunflower, tallest in bloom in pot



	Except where stated, entries should not exceed 60cm (2ft) overall

81	Arrangement in an unusual container.

82      Table Decoration. 

83	Arrangement entitled ‘Wherever I lay my hat’

84	Small arrangement - not to exceed 25cm (10in) in any dimension.

85	A Button Hole, 1 bloom

86	Corsage, 3 blooms


Age to be clearly stated on all entry  forms 

Exhibits 90-93 not to exceed  (45cm) 18in in any dimension

90	A Lego model

91	Arrangement of Flowers in an unusual container

92	Model made from Recyclable Material 

93	Miniature garden, in a seed tray.

94	Hand-made greetings card 

95	Any hand-made needlework or knitted article.

96      Painted pebble Age 6 years and under

97      Painted pebble Age 7 to 10 years

98      Painted pebble Age 11 and over


103	Biscuits, 4 - any type  

Six Fairy Cakes, creatively decorated.

104	7 years and under

105	Age 8 and over

 Gingerbread Person, creatively decorated.	

106	7 years and under

107	Age 8 and over

ANIMAL - made from vegetables, fruit, pasta, seeds or nuts.

108	7 years and under.

109	Age 8 and over.

PAINTING or DRAWING -  A4 sheet, TITLE - What a Hat                                              

110	7 years and under.		

111	Age 8 and over


112 7 years and under			 

113	Age 8 and over


Handwriting Writing

to be presented on 1 sheet of A4 paper,  
Include an illustrated frame around your work 

114 10 Years and under

115 11 Years and over




160	A cushion, fabric or knitted, max 50cm in any dimension.

161	Embroidery in Cotton, Silk, other threads or a combination.

162	Knitted Garment 

163	Crochet, any item

164	Any other Hand-crafted article, including lacework

165	Home-made Soft toy

166	Handmade item, any medium (Not to cost more than £3)

167	Decorated Hoop using a wire coat hanger formed into a circle, 
          not necessarily floral.

168	Article in Wood – any method. Incl driftwood Sculpture

169	Handmade Jewellery Item

170	Painting 

171	Handmade greetings card.



181	Landscape or Seascape

182	Portrait

183	Reflections

184	Axmouth Village Life 

185	Black and White Photograph

186	Birds/Animals/Insects

188	Flowers/Trees/other Plants

189	A Group of 4 Photographs  



The show welcomes entries from far afield,

and if you would like to have a schedule posted to you in May next year; then please leave £1 and your name and address with Gerogie Gabb, 

2 Hawksdown close, Axmouth,EX12 4BN or Sandra Millman, 7 Coombe Terrace, Axmouth EX12 4AX

or by 4.30pm at the stage in the main marquee on the day of the show.


The Marquee will be open for staging at 08:00, on the day of the show. 
Exhibits must be staged before 10:00. Judging will commence promptly at 10:00. 
Stewards are willing to provide assistance and advice to exhibitors, if required, between 08:00 and 10:00. 
Marquee will be open for general viewing from 14:15hrs until 16:15hrs. 
Exhibitors may recover their exhibits After 16:15hrs. 
It is hoped that exhibitors will allow their exhibits to be sold by auction for the benefit of the Show funds. 
If you do not wish them to be sold, please remove them, but not before 16:30. 
Items not recovered by 17:00hrs will be auctioned unless labelled otherwise.
Classes 90 to 115 inclusive are open to children who have not attained the age of 16 years on the date of the show.
All exhibits must be the bona fide property of and have been grown, made or collected by the exhibitor. 
For classes 81 to 87, 91 and170, flowers may be bought.
Entrance fees are free for classes 90 to 115, 195 and 196,  20p for all other classes.
Entries must reach – Barbara Down, 9 Hawksdown close, Axmouth, EX12 4BH     16:00 Wednesday 24th July, 
with entry fees, except classes 195 & 196 by Wednesday 17th July (see entry forms in this booklet).
Judges may withhold a prize at their discretion or give an award according to 
the merits of the exhibit and their decision will be final.
The Committee will take reasonable care of exhibits etc. 
but will not hold themselves responsible for any loss or damage to same.
Exhibitors may enter no more than two entries per class.
Exhibits must NOT have been shown in Axmouth Village Show before.
The Committee reserve the right to inspect  the garden of an exhibitor (Classes 1 to 73)
The decision of the Judges will be final but, any protest relating to misrepresentation 
or any breach of the Rules, should be made in writing not later than 15:30 on the day of the Show 
and should be handed to the Show CoOrdinator who can exercise discretion and make any further decisions.

Notes for Exhibitors


On arrival, collect your exhibitor’s card (blue) from the Show CoOrdinator 
and check the whereabouts of the classes you have entered. Put the blue card under your exhibit. 
If you have questions please ask one of the Stewards 
or committee members in the red t-shirts who will be on hand to help. 
(Please note that the committee would appreciate the naming of exhibits in the vegetable, 
fruit and flower classes as such information does add to the interest for visitors to the show.)

Attention should be paid to max/min sizes shown in the schedule.

Vegetables & Fruit

Specimens should be as identical as possible in size, shape, colour, freshness and degree of maturity.

Make sure all vegetables are clean: wash roots gently but do not scrub.

Carrots and beet should have their foliage trimmed to not more than 7.5cm (3”) 
from the top of the shoulder of the root.

Preferably, Courgettes/Cucumbers should have the flower still adhering.

Herbs are usually presented in a neat bunch sufficient to fill a vase 15cm (6”) in height 
and must be labelled.

Currants should be shown in bunches as they grow.

Soft fruit should be shown with the stalk.


Flowers are to be shown in one container only. Pansies can be shown on a board. Use vases or bowls that are as plain as possible. Foliage from plants other than that of the flowers being exhibited must not be included.


Please date all preserves.

Jars should be of clear glass, free from all commercial marks and well polished. 

Jam, jelly, curd and marmalade should have a waxed disc and cellophane to form the seal of preservation. If no seal of preservation is present the item may be judged not acceptable. No metal tops.


All items should be presented on a plain white plate.


Credit may be given for original design.


All photographs should be maximum size 7''x5'' and may be mounted on card but preferably unframed. Other than Class 188, they should not carry any wording other than a title.


These notes are not definitive and are for guidance only.